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Our houses are located in the region of Val di Magra, a beautiful north-western geographic region that overlooks the Ligurian Sea and includes areas of the Province of La Spezia, in Liguria, and areas of the Province of Massa Carrara, in Tuscany. This land is characterised by a wide variety of landscapes and a richness in terms of historical and cultural heritage as it includes beaches, mountains, natural parks, medieval villages, museums and archaeologically relevant places, such as Luni.

One of the most renowned places in this area is undoubtedly the Gulf of Poets, which boasts enchanted, almost fairy-tale landscapes, beloved by writers who have recounted them and made them known throughout the world.

A few kilometres from the Val di Magra, it is possible to reach the Cinque Terre National Park, a UNESCO heritage site, and Versilia, with its lidos and seaside clubs famous for summer nightlife and more.

When talking about the Val di Magra, one can take the town of Sarzana (in the province of La Spezia and therefore in Liguria) as a reference, which remains central. Sarzana is also the town where our agency has been based for over twenty years.

From an infrastructural point of view, it is a well-served area both for those who want to travel by plane and for those who prefer the train. Pisa airport is about 40 minutes from Sarzana, while the airport in Genoa takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

In other words, we are about 110 km from Florence, 80 km from Portofino, 70 km from Pisa, 250 km from Milan, 400 km from Rome, 350 km from Venice and 300 km from Nice.