Grape harvest season: traditions and authentic tastes of Val di Magra wines

Autumn brings with it not only a gradual drop in temperatures, but also one of the most fascinating and traditional seasons in the Val di Magra and Lunigiana: the grape harvest. This period, which runs from the end of August to the beginning of September, is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in rural traditions and discover the captivating flavours of local wines. In this article, we will take you through the wonders of this season, introduce you to the typical wines of the area and reveal where you can enjoy authentic tasting experiences.

The magic of the grape harvest and traditions

The grape harvest is a time of excitement and frenetic activity in the vineyards of the Val di Magra and Lunigiana. Bunches of ripe grapes are harvested in the vineyards, a task that combines tradition, manual skill and passion. In these lands, the grape harvest represents an ancient rite that has been handed down from generation to generation. It was once a moment that united the community and celebrated the fruit of the year’s hard work, to the rhythm of songs that transformed the grape harvest into a shared experience of joy and appreciation for the land.

The authentic wines of the area

The Val di Magra and Lunigiana boast a fascinating and high-quality wine production, reflecting the beauty of the land and the attention of the producers. Among the most renowned wines is Vermentino, a fresh and aromatic white that captures the essence of the sea and sea breezes. Not to be outdone is the Rosso della Val di Magra, an intense and enveloping red wine that accompanies typical dishes and convivial evenings. The terraced vineyards, exposed to the sun and caressed by the breeze, give the grapes a unique character that is reflected in the wines.

Unforgettable Tasting Experiences

For anyone wishing to fully immerse themselves in the food and wine culture of these lands, wine-tasting experiences are a must. Numerous wine cellars and wineries in the area open their doors to guests, offering guided tours through the vineyards and production facilities, followed by guided tastings of fine wines. In and around Sarzana, you will find wineries that welcome visitors with warmth and professionalism, allowing you to savour the result of the passion of generations of winegrowers.

With the arrival of the grape harvest, the Val di Magra and Lunigiana are tinged with golden hues and authentic taste. The invitation is open to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in this world of traditions, flavours and smells that make this region so special. Come and visit the area in this enchanting season, discover the traditions of the grape harvest and taste the local wines that tell the story and passion of a unique territory. Be fascinated by the wonders of the Val di Magra and Lunigiana, and let the warmth of the wines envelop you and caress your heart.

Come and visit the Val di Magra and Lunigiana.


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