Welcome to Lunigiana: a unique culinary experience

Are you ready for a journey through history and taste? Lunigiana, a beautiful region located between Tuscany and Liguria, is the perfect place to discover a culinary tradition that has been handed down for generations. Here, ancient recipes are mixed with high-quality local ingredients, creating a unique symphony of flavours. Welcome to Lunigiana, where cooking becomes an unforgettable experience!

The culinary traditions of Lunigiana are closely linked to its history and culture. Traditional dishes reflect the essence of rural life, using simple and genuine ingredients, often coming directly from the surrounding land. Each bite is a plunge into the past, a discovery of the deep roots of this land.

As you wander through the picturesque streets, you will be enveloped in a magical atmosphere and invited to immerse yourself in the rich gastronomic culture of this land. Every village, every local restaurant will welcome you with open arms to savour the delights of a long culinary tradition.

Traditional dishes

Among the most famous dishes are “testaroli”, a kind of pasta similar to thick crepes, which are served with pesto or mushroom sauce. Another local speciality is “panigacci”, fragrant flatbreads accompanied by local cheeses and cold cuts. One cannot forget the “torta d’erbi”, a savoury pie prepared with wild herbs and cheese, or the ‘zuppa di farro’, a nutritious and tasty dish.

The sweet temptations are equally irresistible! Castagnole, soft sweets fried and covered with icing sugar, or buccellato, a delicious Christmas cake made with figs, almonds and walnuts, will win you over at first taste.

Lunigiana is not only famous for its traditional dishes, but also for its lively summer village festivals. During the warmer months, the villages come alive with gastronomic festivities, where you can taste a variety of local delicacies and discover the area’s authentic culinary traditions.

Village festivals

Every year in summer, villages organise village festivals (sagre di paese), real occasions to taste the typical dishes of these wonderful places. To name a few,

  • in May, the daffodil festival at the meadows of Logarghena di Filattiera;
  • in June, the polenta and stockfish festival in Gassano di Fivizzano;
  • in July, the focaccetta festival at Olivola di Aulla, the eel festival at Gassano di Fivizzano and the testaroli festival at Tendola di Fosdinovo;
  • in August, the polenta and goat festival in Olivola di Aulla, the blueberry festival in Sassalbo di Fivizzano, the panigaccio festival in Podenzana, the pattona festival in Agnino di Fivizzano, and the cake festival in Canepari.


Besides good food, the festivals are also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture, with folk shows, traditional music and popular dances. It is an experience that involves all the senses and makes Lunigiana a place to visit for those who wish to experience authentic Italian traditions.

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